Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Button Up

RHAI Stripe T-Shirt - ZARA, Skinny Jeans - FOREVER 21, Studded Bag - Chocolate, Desert Boots - WADE and Oversized Button Up Shirt - RANDOM
Photo Credits : Coi

It was 11PM last Saturday and I'm still not ready for our sideline, when I say I'm not ready it usually means that I still don't know what to wear. Given the fact that my call time is 12PM I still managed to have a quick decision making on what to wear that day. I ended up pulling out this Oversized Button Up Shirt in Green, Stripes Cotton T-Shirt and Skinny Jeans. I heard that Green is the trend color for 2013 so better yet give it a shot. I'm surprised how the Green color go well with my skin complexion. I can tell right now that I foresee a lot of Green color items in my closet and Oversized Button Up Shirt too.

One of the best thing about wearing a Oversized Button Up Shirt is that it completes your casual day look in an instant. Appropriate if you are running out of time and you still don't know what to layer with your base outfit. If you are too lazy to decide on what outfit you should wear or if you are running out of time, Oversized Button Up Shirt will be your savior.

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