Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Japan OOTD 3

Photo Credits : Nica Silva
H&M Coat | Zara Dress and Boots | Forever 21 Backpack and Hat
Retrosuperfuture Sunnies

Hi guys!

One of the things I'll definitely miss about Japan (well, aside from the food, cleanliness and their discipline when riding the train) is the weather. As you may all know, layering is not a "thing" here in the Philippines. Haha! Wore this on our last day touring Tokyo. At first, I was hesitant to wear this since I'm not much of a "dress" kind of gal, but I must say, I was pretty surprised on how comfortable I was in this dress (considering I was walking the whole day). Good job, dzah-dah!

I hope you enjoyed this little series on my blog. I might return to Japan this year, hopefully, I can take more photos to share with you guys.

See you next week!

Much love,

Monday, February 29, 2016

Japan OOTD 2

Photo Credits : Nica Silva and Victoria Laquindanum
Forever 21 Bomber Jacket and Button-Up Shirt | Zara boots
Rayban Clubmaster

Hi guys!

I swear I was wearing shorts! Haha!
Here are a couple of outfit shots taken on our 1st official day in Japan.

See you next week.

Much love,