Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Photo Credits : Gigs Dagdag
Culottes from The Ramp | Forever 21 Sweater | Zara Scarf
Aldo Hat | Adidas Stan Smith | Random Accessories

Happy 2016 guys!!!

Starting the year off with this super comfy culottes from The Ramp. I first fell in love with this trend when I went to Japan last November with my college friends. I got so inspired with their style. I love how effortlessly cool they are. Just remember to bring a lot of patience finding the right fit of culottes if you're a short girl like me. Haha! I paired it with a light weight knit sweater from Forever 21 (while I still can) and this sleek scarf from Zara. Also, my sister was kind enough to lend me her Stan Smith's. Thank you! Haha!

I'm so happy to be back and bring you more exciting content. Watch out for a couple of Japan OOTDs.

Much love,

I have a Snapchat (coidejesus) now. It's addicting. lol


  1. I love your culottes, Before i actually don't know what is the name of that wide leg trouser, but after seeing a show in TV i found out that the name is "culottes" LOL Anyways I also want to have one i'm hunting right now of a good culottes, i love yours ^^ it's very neutral and simple can pair with everything.


    1. Hi Anne! I believe Zara and Pull & Bear have culottes in store right now. Good luck on the culottes hunting! :)