Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love and Other Drugs


This MKA inspired shoot was totally random. In fact, we thought of it around 2 in the morning. Played around with makeup, gathered our faux fur vests and put on some of our favorite rings and we're good to go. Had fun shooting even though we had to drink venti size cups of black coffee in order to stay awake for the busy day ahead.

Anyways, Happy New Year!
Love, SS

Photo Credits: Katrina Cometa


  1. Both of you look AMAZING! And really, you guys really remind me of Rumi Neely & Bryon Boy! LOVE LOVE both your tops and your rings! This is m first time here; and I'm sold! Keep giving us more MKA inspired photoshoots!

  2. great photos, fantastic!

  3. I love the rings, you guys look fantastic ;)

  4. you two are fantastic!! i love the rings!

  5. love it, so perfect