Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Home | December-January Issue

Dining Area

Living Area

My sister's room
Designed by mom and sister.

My room.
Designed by my mom and sister.

Master's bedroom

Unrelated fashion post. We had the privilege of being featured in My Home Magazine, a local interior design publication.

Grab a copy!

Will post exterior shots of the house soon!

Design Credits: Architect Gene Flancia


  1. Ang bongga! Hehe! Nice entries you have here like OMG! Added you on my blogroll! =) -Chikay

  2. oh! great post! love your blog
    I follow you;)

  3. Your house is AMMMMMMMMMMMMZing!! The colors of the walls are exquisite and love all the windows and the amount of light you get is awesome! Beautiful chairs and love the vibe of your house!!IT's a really special home and it's super COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  4. Yes, I would love a copy, this looks amazing! xx

  5. hey girl!
    that is so cool! I have a secret addiction to architecture magazines. my mom used to buy them all the time when I was a kid....I like the idea of seeing something intimate like one's kitchen or bathroom. homes are so bloody hard to decorate too. I can't wait to have my own and do what I want with it!

    thanks for always stopping by! always look forward to seeing ur comments!

    p.s. yeah i have a tattoo on my wrist already and am going to *try* to get two on Friday even though my artist hasn't emailed me back yet :p


  6. what a house!!! jeeeeeesus, i;d give anything to have that much space (i live in london you see ;))